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Why is bagasse most suitable for tableware products?

Bagasse is the fibrous material that remains after the juices are removed from the sugarcane stalk. The fibrous portion generally becomes a waste product after the juices are separated. It is a widely used material for the production of tableware.

Why is bagasse being used for the production of tableware?

The reasons are simple: In comparison with other materials, bagasse tableware is more eco-friendly and sustainable as it can be composted easily. The material has a longer lifespan than other materials and can be used to make a number of products such as biodegradable and disposable cups, bowls, plates, and boxes. Not to forget tableware products made from sugarcane bagasse are very hygienic.

When it comes to the manufacturing of sugarcane bagasse biodegradable tableware products, it is remolded to a kind of paper that is used for making disposable cups, plates, and bowls. Lightweight, recyclability, and other unique attributes of the material make it the most preferred choice of packaging food products. 

Reasons to choose biodegradable bagasse tableware products:

They are eco-friendly.

They are compostable

They are sturdier than paper plates.

They are hygienic.

They are suitable for cold and hot food.

They are easily available.

They are convenient.

They are suitable for branding.

They are best for takeaway and food deliveries.

 They are pocket-friendly.

The above-cited attributes indicate the predicted increase in the demand for the material in the years to come. Easy availability of these products at a reasonable price is likely to increase the popularity of these products. Apart from flexibility in the meal options, people look for speed and convenience. Disposable cups and plates made from sugarcane bagasse fulfill the requirements in the best manner.

Bagasse Tableware 9”×6” Clamshell Boxes with Single Compartment

9×6in Biodegradable Clamshell 1-CP

1. The bagasse Biodegradable Clamshell tray is mainly made from sugarcane fiber after the sugar extraction. 2. The raw material is widespread and easy to get. 3. Suitable for both foods of takeaway and eating in. 4. Simple and easy for dispose after using.

Bagasse Coffee Cups

Bagasse Coffee Cups

1. Made from crops stalk. 2. Natural materials and good for health. 3. Good for both cold and hot beverage. 4. Suitable for alcohol, carbonated drink, as well as common beverage. 5. Soak free and no leakage.

Bagasse Tableware Salad Boxes

Bagasse Tableware Salad Boxes

1. Made from sugarcane fiber pulp and alternative to foam and plastic boxes. 2. Sturdy enough and no deforming even in liquid environment. 3. Suitable for fruits and vegetable salad. 4. Grease and water resistance. 5. Safe for foods contact and free of gluten.

Round Bagasse Plate with 3-Compartment

Round Bagasse Plate with 3-Compartment

1. Made from sugarcane fiber and bamboo fiber. 2. Renewable materials, environment friendly. 3. Suitable for salad, cakes, etc. 4. Strong enough for holding. 5. Good for foods contact.

Special-Shaped Bagasse Tray

Customized Compostable Containers

1. Made from bagasse pulp and crops fiber. 2. Composted completely in around three months. 3. Free of plastic and foam. 4. Oil repellent and waterproof. 5. Can be tailored according to clients’ requests.

Square Bagasse Tray with 4-Compartment

Square Bagasse Tray with 4-Compartment

1. Consists of sugarcane bagasse and bamboo fiber pulp. 2. Al ingredients are environment friendly. 3. Can be biodegraded within three months. 4. Free of hazardous materials, and friendly for health 5. Certified by OK Compost, BPI, BPI, and FDA.

Why is bagasse most suitable for tableware product




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