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Why is bagasse best for tableware products?

Jul.13, 2022

Bagasse is the fibrous material that remains after the juice is removed from the sugarcane stalk. After the juice is separated, the fibrous part usually becomes a waste product. It is a widely used material for tableware production.


Why is bagasse best for tableware products?


Why use bagasse for tableware production?

The reason is simple: compared to other materials, bagasse tableware is more environmentally friendly and sustainable because it is easily compostable. The material lasts longer than other materials and can be used to make biodegradable disposable cups, bowls, plates and boxes, among many other products. Don't forget that tableware made from bagasse is very hygienic.

In the production of bagasse biodegradable tableware products, it is transformed into a paper that is used to make disposable cups, plates and bowls. The material's light weight, recyclability and other unique properties make it a popular choice for packaging food. 


Why is bagasse best for tableware products?


Reasons to choose biodegradable bagasse tableware products.

● They are environmentally friendly.

● They are compostable

● They are stronger than paper plates.

● They are hygienic.

● They are suitable for hot and cold foods.

● They are easy to obtain.

● They are convenient.

● They are suitable for branding.

● They are best for take-out and delivery.

 ● They are pocket friendly.

The above attributes indicate that the demand for the materials is expected to increase in the coming years. Easy access to these products at reasonable prices may increase the popularity of these products. In addition to flexibility in dining options, people are looking for speed and convenience. Disposable cups and plates made from bagasse meet the requirements in the best possible way.


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Stay safe and use eco-friendly products!

Why is bagasse best for tableware products?

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