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Bagasse Cutlery

High Performance Biodegradable Cutlery

Sleek, sturdy, and sturdy, our eco cutlery is perfect for serving hot or cold. Available in a variety of materials and colors.
Biodegradable Cutlery plays an important role in a guest's experience with food. We offer premium eco-friendly cutlery including forks, knives and spoons for takeaway packaging made from compostable and biodegradable materials.

Why choose Biodegradable Cutlery?

Reduce waste: Cutlery is one of the most wasteful single-use plastic items and deserves an eco-friendly alternative to every industry that uses them.
Increased efficiency: Instead of wasting spoons and knives where only a fork is needed, companies can now choose needs-based eco-friendly cutlery for their food applications, thanks to kits and individual packaging options.
Value for money: Our eco-friendly cutlery options come very close to traditional plastic options.
Same strength and toughness: Compostable PLA, biodegradable bagasse are some of the materials used in eco-friendly cutlery that have the same strength as traditional plastic cutlery.


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